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You have most likely heard of a transdermal ultrasound exam. This is when images of your internal structures are produced by passing an ultrasound transducer over the surface of your skin. In order to see specific issues regarding your vaginal health, a TVUS or transvaginal ultrasound may be necessary. This procedure involves the placement of a transducer into the vagina. This enables a better assessment of certain conditions by providing clearer images.

The TVUS exam is beneficial and often necessary for controlling your overall health. If you are feeling apprehensive about the vaginal health exam, make certain you ask any questions you may have. Once you understand the procedure, you will most likely be much more relaxed. There are a lot of reasons your physician may have recommended this procedure. This may be to determine the cause of infertility, abnormal bleeding, unexplained pain, to identify tumors, fibroids, polyps or cysts, or to check the placement of an IUD.

The vaginal health exam is important during pregnancy to detect the fetal heartbeat earlier and identify and possible complications. Although there are alternatives for this exam, they do not have the same benefits.

The TVUS Procedure

The TVUS exam has similarities to a standard gynecological exam. Unlike a transabdominal ultrasound, the TVUS exam does not require that your bladder be full. The exam generally requires 10 to 15 minutes.

For some TVUS exams referred to as infusion sonograms or sonohysterograms, a small catheter is used to introduce a saline solution into the uterine cavity. This enables a better image of the uterine lining. Ultrasound images are taken prior to and after the introduction of saline solution. This procedure is not used if the woman is pregnant, but to determine the cause of abnormal bleeding, infertility or multiple miscarriages.

It is important to both understand and follow the directions provided by the physician. If the scheduled exam is a sonohysterography, it must take place during a specific point in your menstrual cycle. The standard exam can be given at any time. It is important to remain comfortable and fairly relaxed during the exam. If you become uncomfortable for any reason, make certain you tell your technologist.

You may have already been told by your doctor you should have a TVUS exam, you may have reasons of your own for believing you should have this exam or you may want more information. The learn more about this exam for vaginal health and the benefits it can offer, speak with the professionals at the Fort Worth Center for Pelvic Medicine in Fort Worth, TX. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!

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