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Throughout the years, there has been a growing number of cosmetic procedures available. However, there is another cosmetic procedure rapidly becoming a popular choice for many women. This procedure aims to improve a woman’s vaginal health, and it could work for you. We’re talking about MonaLisa Touch®. Our team at Fort Worth Center for Pelvic Medicine can help you determine if it is something that could benefit you.

What Is It?

This is an innovative procedure that aims to restore the health of the vaginal area. It uses CO2 laser technology to encourage collagen production and address a number of common complaints. The best results are usually achieved through a series of treatment sessions, with a maintenance treatment required every 12 months for ongoing benefits. Each session is designed to be quick and convenient, even for those with busy schedules. In fact, they usually take just five minutes to perform.

Who Is a Candidate?

As a growing cosmetic procedure, we commonly see patients seeking a MonaLisa Touch® procedure because they suffer from one or more of the following conditions:

A theory why this procedure has become so trendy is because the women of today are increasingly grooming their private parts compared to those in years past. Now it is a popular practice for women to shave and even wax “down there,” which leads to an awareness of what they look like in this sensitive area. With this increased awareness, they might also become more self-conscious about the appearance of their genitals. Every woman is different, and one person’s definition of normal can vary completely from another person. Whatever the reason may be to get any cosmetic procedure done, it is always good to decide for the right reasons on what is best for yourself.

Benefits and Advantages

Opting for a procedure like MonaLisa Touch® can completely solve problems like urinary incontinence and itching without the need for surgery or extensive downtime. Even if you do not have such discomfort, the procedure can also be an option for you if you are a person who struggles with self-confidence in your intimate area. And, for some younger women, MonaLisa Touch® is a way to help them improve their feminine health.

What to Expect

If you want to improve your vaginal health, you have options. The exact treatment you will undergo can depend on factors such as your anatomy or if you’ve had any existing or even pre-existing conditions. As always, we recommend you speak with a qualified medical professional to see what method best suits you and your specific needs. It is very likely you’ll find that MonaLisa Touch® is the ideal treatment for you.

Reasons to Improve Vaginal Health

Enhanced Pleasure – It might be difficult to enjoy your sexual experiences with your partner if you are unhappy with your vagina. This is because your self-consciousness may not allow you to focus on the pleasure of intimate moments. As you can imagine, MonaLisa Touch® can significantly enhance a woman’s sex life. Thus, if you want to transform how you enjoy sex with your partner, this treatment could be the way to go.

Higher Levels of Sexual Confidence – At all stages of undressing, women deserve to feel comfortable and confident about their gorgeous bodies. However, multiple childbirths or genetics could leave you with elongated and stretched vaginal lips, which can make you a little uncomfortable. But with MonaLisa Touch®, your vagina can be streamlined to function exactly as you want it, and you will most likely feel more confident removing your sexy undergarments.

Greater Comfort – Beyond the bedroom, MonaLisa Touch® can give you ultimate comfort when you are out there doing other activities. And comfort is critical if you are in a profession that requires you to wear certain types of clothing. This treatment can ease the irritation that comes with walking or running. Additionally, your vaginal health will improve.

Getting Started

Improving one’s emotional state plays a huge part in why a lot of women choose to undergo MonaLisa Touch® treatments. When one feels self-conscious about any part of their body, it leads to unwanted anxiety and other psychological issues. This goes double when the body part in question is that of the female genitalia. When we perform the act of lovemaking, we are at our most emotionally vulnerable, and being self-conscious about the size and shape of our genitalia can be no small cause of distress and anxiety.

MonaLisa Touch® is a procedure that is a proven confidence booster for many women. If you want to join the women who have benefited from this treatment, make an appointment at Fort Worth Center for Pelvic Medicine, located in Fort Worth, TX. We would be more than happy to assess your case. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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