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Why Not All Women’s Clinics in Fort Worth are Created Equal

Women's Clinics

When looking for women’s clinics in Fort Worth, it is important to remember that some medical facilities offer higher quality services. Females have special health care requirements that are different from what males need. A woman needs specialized medical care throughout her lifetime for a variety of issues. In some cases, females may need medical attention for sensitive issues that include treatment for sexually transmitted diseases or for life-threatening cancerous conditions. A good women’s clinic will have medical experts who have extensive training in female medical problems. When a woman visits our women’s clinic, it is possible to receive these types of services:

What Types of Services are Offered? 

When you schedule an appointment with our medical clinic for women, make sure to inform our receptionist about your reason for a visit. You should bring along your insurance card from an employer or your private insurance company so that we can collect the medical fees. You may need to make a co-payment before or after your appointment, so make sure to bring along your debit card, checkbook or credit card. Depending on the type of medical service that you need, you might talk to a registered nurse, general physician or a gynecologist. If you are pregnant, then you should arrange an appointment with an obstetrician to plan your child’s delivery. During your visit, you may need a physical examination that requires disrobing before you put on a hospital gown and recline on a special examination table. For some examinations, you are directed to place your feet in metal stirrups so that a physician can collect samples for the Pap smear. You may also need to provide a urine sample for testing for a variety of health issues that include pregnancy, infections from bacteria or STDs. For a breast examination, the physician will check your breasts manually to find lumps or other issues. When you need a mammogram, each breast is placed between special devices to collect an image of the body part to find abnormalities. 

Help with a Variety of Health Issues

Our women’s clinics in Fort Worth are also concerned about medical issues that occur in both genders, including:

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The medical experts at women’s clinics can help you with a variety of health problems to improve the quality of your life. To learn more, we warmly invite you to reach out and make an appointment with our team at Fort Worth Center for Pelvic Medicine. At our convenient locations in Fort Worth, our caring and knowledgeable staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact us today to set up your consultation!

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