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Trying to Have Children?

For many men and women, the topic of infertility can be a difficult one. It may be difficult to admit to yourself, let alone your partner, that you or they may be infertile. However, if you have been trying to have children with your partner without success for a long duration, then you or they may suffer from infertility. While the process of becoming pregnant may seem easy, the actual biological process is a lot more difficult than you might realize.

There are many factors that contribute as to whether or not you are able to conceive. For one, a man needs to have a healthy sperm count in order to increase the chances of conceiving. However, the woman also needs to have a healthy number of eggs, and healthy eggs in general, for the sperm to attach to in the first place. A woman’s Fallopian tubes also need to be unlocked in order for the sperm to reach the egg. It’s also up to the sperm cell itself to be up to the job of fertilizing the egg once it reaches it. Not all sperm cells are healthy enough to do that. Yet the egg itself also needs to be healthy enough to become fertilized in the first place. Essentially, both the man and woman need to have a good number and quality of eggs and sperm cells in order for a child to be conceived. This article will discuss other factors about infertility and some steps you can take to help your fertility.

Getting Tested

If you believe that yourself or your partner may be infertile, then you can have a test performed to determine just that. Embryos will be removed to determine the state of their health and count. Sperm cells will also be examined to determine their health. If either of you is found to be infertile, you can be given a few options to help promote fertility as well as be given options to still have children.

Treatment Options

For women who are infertile due to structural problems in their reproductive system, you may opt for a surgical procedure that can get rid of the problem of your eggs not being able to be fertilized by sperm cells. You may also want to consider in vitro fertilization or Advanced Reproductive Technologies (ART.) In vitro fertilization involves the process of removing a series of embryos from the body and mixing them with sperm cells in a petri dish. Once the egg has been fertilized, it is replaced within the woman’s uterus. This allows the baby to be developed naturally within the body while still bypassing the Fallopian tubes.

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