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Seeking Infertility Treatments in Fort Worth


The media portrayal of pregnancy leads many people to believe that a woman can perfectly plan her family. Women on television and in movies announce they are trying for a baby and are obviously expecting in no time. In real life, it can take a healthy woman a year or more to get pregnant. Furthermore, older women may take even longer. If you are in Fort Worth and have been trying to conceive for a year or more, it may be time to seek out infertility treatments at our center.

Starting the Process

If you’ve been working with your gynecologist or family doctor and have already tried conservative measures for infertility, don’t be worried about asking for a referral. Your doctor will not be offended if you decide to see a fertility specialist. If you haven’t started with conservative measures yet and don’t have a health care provider to work with you, you can choose to begin at a fertility specialist or a fertility clinic right away.

The Testing Phase

Before starting infertility treatments, both partners will need to go through some tests to check for issues. For males, STD tests and a sperm sample are standard. If the sperm sample is good, the man is fertile. For females, the process is a bit more involved. There will need to be both blood work and physical exams to check for signs of problems that could be impacting your fertility. Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), uterine fibroids, endometriosis, scar tissue, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, female athletic triad, hormonal imbalances and more may all need to be ruled out. Once the testing is complete, you can start treatments.

Infertility Treatment Options

Your treatment plan is drawn up with your input. If issues were found in the testing phase, sometimes simply correcting them or treating them will restore your fertility. If no issues were found and your cycle is predictable, our fertility specialist may want to watch you for a few months by scanning you with an ultrasound machine during your cycle. This allows us to watch the growth of your follicles to ensure they are maturing properly.

If you are not comfortable with more aggressive measures such as IUI or IVF treatments, our fertility specialist will respect your limits. At no point will you be pressured to accept treatments you feel are “too much” for you. Don’t be afraid to speak up about your limits and what you would like to try, as there are many different options available.

Deciding to have a child and then failing to get pregnant can be a disheartening experience. If you have been trying and haven’t had luck, schedule an informative consultation with us at Fort Worth Center for Pelvic Medicine. We are committed to helping our patients grow their families and would be delighted to help you with yours. Contact our office in Fort Worth today to schedule your first appointment and learn about our infertility treatments.

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