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MonaLisa Touch for Minimizing Vaginal Dryness

MonaLisa Touch

You’ve experienced bouts of vaginal dryness in the past, but you never thought much of it. However, that has all changed due to the misery you are experiencing now. It all started as you began to experience symptoms of menopause. You expected mood swings, night sweats, and hot flashes. You weren’t prepared for vaginal changes. You are so dry now that you feel irritated all of the time. You can’t enjoy moments of intimacy anymore. You’ve tried different products that are supposed to restore moisture, but they haven’t worked effectively. It’s time to explore other choices. The MonaLisa Touch® could be the answer.

What’s the Secret Behind the MonaLisa Touch®?

The MonaLisa Touch® is a gentle laser therapy that is used to rejuvenate your delicate vaginal tissues. The laser uses a low-level of heat that is enough to trigger collagen production. It also causes the tissue of the vagina to thicken. Healthy tissue is regenerated, blood circulation is stimulated, and improved lubrication will result. You’ll experience relief from your irritation. If your intense dryness has caused bouts of urinary incontinence, this problem should be resolved as well. If you have been feeling miserable and are looking for an answer, the MonaLisa Touch® can help you to put your discomfort behind you.

Why are You Experiencing Vaginal Dryness?

If you have had one or more children, vaginal dryness can result. The tissues of your vagina are extremely delicate and can become damaged with minor tears. As menopause gets closer, your reproductive system is getting ready to shut down. Your estrogen and progesterone levels are going to drop. For some women, this change may not even be noticeable. For others, it is extreme. These hormonal changes cause your vaginal tissue to become thinner and get in the way of lubrication. When your body isn’t doing what it should anymore, the MonaLisa Touch® can help to restore balance.

Take Charge of Your Vaginal Dryness Today

You shouldn’t have to live in discomfort or pain. Vaginal dryness can make you feel awful. You owe it to yourself to come in for an appointment at Fort Worth Center for Pelvic Medicine to discuss your problems. A series of short, in-office laser treatments could do you a world of good. Our office is conveniently located in Fort Worth. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for the MonaLisa Touch®!

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